Business Opportunities

“The HOW Alliance”

The fundraising marketplace is a multi-billion dollar arena that offers huge opportunity for growth. There are long term groups that have been fundraising for years, and hundreds of thousands of new fundraisers still launch every single year.

The Help Our World suite of programs can provide an effective, high profit and perpetual revenue stream to almost any potential fundraising organization, from a small local sports program to a nation-wide, nationally recognized charity, all groups can all utilize our programs like never before seen.

Those who join our committed team not only have an opportunity to earn a substantial income, but will get to interact with people who actually want our product and are happy to have access to what we can provide. This becomes the ultimate relationship where everyone wins. Our team introduces, educates and assists fundraising groups in launching their new fundraising system and offers guidance and support as needed. The income earned is not a one time process, it’s an ongoing residual. As the fundraiser grows, so does the residual income of our business partners.

The Win-Win-Win relationship

We provide a program that allows our business partners to introduce and grow a fundraising program that will earn income perpetually, giving contributors or end-users that participate real benefits by saving money and donating to their local cause all at the same time.Everyone Wins!

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